For over half a century, GRUNDIG Automotive has been looking to the future to bring you advanced technology with the most cutting-edge design.

GRUNDIG Automotive products are environmentally friendly, which means a better quality of life now and in the future. GRUNDIG Automotive invests heavily in the environment and has a fully developed green policy, «Green GRUNDIG», which is central to every stage in our products' life cycles and which helps us to respect and safeguard our planet for ourselves and future generations.

Today GRUNDIG Automotive offers a range of 26 breathtaking products in a selection of colours and unique materials, boasting progressive technology. Grundig Automotive is constantly redefining each product category in the market. For over 60 years, GRUNDIG Automotive has catered to all your needs, all your expectations and much more. GRUNDIG Automotive is different, GRUNDIG Automotive is as unique as you are.

GRUNDIG for a good reason.

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Mr. Dennis Chen
Mr. Dennis Chen